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Pen Drive Tutor

Wonderful Features are as follows :-

  • Educational Material in Audio + Visual +Animated Video Concept .
  • CLass kg, 1,2,3,4,5,6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Medical, Non- Medical, Commerce , 12 Medical, Non Medical, Commerce.
  • All Subjects, Full Syllabus Covered. : Sciences , Mathematics, Social Studies, Computers, English , Hindi CBSE BOARD.
  • Activities , Papers and 10 Years Sample Papers will be given in "GG 16 GB Pen drive".
  • Can be played on any device like LAPTOP, COMPUTERS , DVD Players
  • We have Policy of Feed Back from Student and Parents.
  • Best amongst the Digital Education Sector.After Experience of 20 Years in Teaching .After research of 9 years in Audio Visual Education.
  • Byju's , Extra Marks, Vedantu, Unacademy are giving you Maths and Science - But we are giving you ALL the SUBJECTS of CBSE SYLLABUS at very less charges.
  • Unlimited time of repetitions .
  • Very easy to understand - like your own favourite teacher is sitting by your side to teach you , to help you. Confidence Level of Child Increases .
  • When Students and Parents are utilizing this educational Material , we are getting very much appreciation and they use to give us a respectable number of references. We guarantee you when you will get this 16 GB PEN DRIVE and use this material , Definitely you will also Put " Gyan Gurukul 16 GB PEN DRIVE " in your "GOOD BOOKS".
  • Buy Now Class I-V Buy Now Class VI-XII