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We, at GYAN GURUKUL (A collective of highly experienced Medical/Engineering Fame Faculty) thoroughly motivating and preparing the students right from the beginning till the last Engineering/Medical Entrance Examinations and thus securing highest success rate in the region with top ranks.
We, at GYAN GURUKUL have highly dedicated and experienced team of faculty members, always ready to solve the problem of the students, thus encouraging the students to clear more and more doubts, finishing the syllabus as per the schedule , providing highly comprehensive study material containing most expected questions in the coming Engineering/Medical Entrances, prepared after thorough screening and analysis of the previous 10 to 33 years Competition Papers, topic wise tests part rehearsal tests and full length rehearsal tests, making the students to feel the sense of responsibility towards their family and society so that they can work harder and harder to achieve their goal, all these made us to claim supremacy in the esteemed region of the province in preparing the students in Engineering/Medical Entrances Examinations.
We teach the students to the best of our capabilities, to the best of satisfaction of the students, give home assignments and tests with complete discussion in the classroom, send test reports to the parents by post to keep them in constant touch with their wards preparation and progress.
Parents can discuss the progress of the students with Managing Director on any day with prior appointment only.
The institute has earned tremendous name, fame and confidence of the student community since it’s inception.
We feel ourselves very fortunate to have the association of highly dedicated teaching and non teaching staff members without which these heights would have only a dream.
In everyone’s life, there comes a time when one stands at the cross road thinking whether to join Medical or Non Medical stream i.e. in which career one will be successful professional in future and for this which institute one should join? For this, we are conducting I.Q Test of the students, based on that we identify the mental capability, reasoning and logical analysis power of the students which helps us to identify that in which stream the student will excel in future.
Further, for choosing the institute you have a moment to decide and a whole life to feel proud or repent.
I assure you that joining at GYAN GURUKUL for the preparation of Engineering/Medical Entrance will be the best decision and you will feel proud throughout your life.
Furthermore, for building full confidence in the parents and students at the highest level, we are running success guaranteed i.e. we are so confident about our teaching methodology, Study material and professional skill to equip students with the best possible technique and strategy so that they learn how to maximize the correct answer in the Examination hall, hence chances of securing good rank becomes more than 90% certain.
We have secured more than 85% success in our esteemed group and hence we claim highest success rate in the region.
Excellency, Accountability, satisfaction of the students and securing excellent results every year is our main motto.
Wishing you a very -very Brilliant career,

Yours sincerely
Keshav Jain
Managing Director
Gyan Gurukul Edutech Pvt. Ltd.