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Frequently asked questions

1Q1. What types of program & courses are offered by Gyan Gurukul?
A1. Gyan Gurukul offers variety of courses including IIT JEE,NEET,State Competitive exams for engineering & medical stream.Apart from that ,preparation of all other tests including IELTS,PTE, and so and so forth are conducted.
2Q2. What are the admission criteria?
Ans: The admissions at the institute are done throughout the year. A student can seek admission for any course based upon: His / her choice of time slot. His / her pace of learning & understanding. We have courses conducted for three months, six months & twelve months based upon the pace of delivery by the faculty members.
3Q3. How do I pay the fees to the institute?
Ans: You can pay the fees either by cash, cheque, demand draft, NEFT or online fund transfer from our website. Kindly ensure an official receipt of all payments from the centre.
4Q4. Does the institute provide any assignment or practice tests?
Ans: Yes we provide regular assignments & practice tests. They are a part of our course offer.