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Gyan Gurukul,Nawanshahr

Coaching aims to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be and who you are and who you want to become.
Personal/business coaching embraces your whole life and being. Topics can vary from personal growth, career and leadership, relationships, life transitions, health, money, fun and recreation and much more. If you are looking to achieve specific goals within certain areas of your life, the coaching will focus and gear actions towards actively pursuing these.

Coaching is a beautiful partnership of thought-through, tested and practiced tools, techniques and a methodology enlaced with the unique art, skills, experience, intuition and personality that each coach brings to their coaching.
Coaching can lead to:

  • Maximizing your potential
  • Setting goals and consciously moving towards them
  • Action and movement
  • Balance
  • Defining what is truly important to you
  • Greater awareness, living in the moment (there is no other time than now!), deeper sense of self
  • A sense of achievement and greater power
  • Genuine happiness
  • Balance
  • Deepening your strengths and overcoming or learning to work with certain weaknesses
  • Handling the transitions of life with more confidence and grace.

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