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NEET 2018 PAPER Analysis

If we talk about NEET 2018 paper analysis, Biology was said to be the easiest of all sections, while Chemistry was easy to moderate. Students found Physics to be the toughest in NEET 2018. Also, as per the experts there were eight questions that were unclear in the exam.
“Out of the total 180 questions, 110 questions were found easy; 45 questions were of moderate difficulty level, whereas 25 questions were of high difficulty level," .

Loopholes in NEET Question Paper
After the exam concluded on May 6, Some NEET Experts on Monday pointed out eight ambiguous questions from physics, chemistry and biology sections. While some questions had two correct answers, and in few cases, there was not even a single correct answer out of the four options.

Experts said there were three such questions in Chemistry, three in Biology and two in Physics.

Few of error questions are as follows:
Ques. In which of the following forms is iron absorbed by plants?
1) Ferric
2) Ferrous
3) Free element
4) Both ferric and ferrous

Iron is absorbed in both ferric and ferrous forms by plants. But in the NCERT only ferric form is mentioned. So, the students were confused as what to follow. Due to the incomplete information given in NCERT book, the CBSE should give credit to both the options i.e. 1 and 4.

Ques. The contraceptive ‘SAHELI’
1) Blocks estrogen receptors in the uterus preventing eggs from getting implanted
2) Increases the concentration of estrogen and prevents ovulation in females.
3) Is an IUD
4) Is a post-coital contraceptive
The contraceptive ‘Saheli’ has a role as a post-coital emergency contraceptive also. Thus, in this question two of the given options i.e. 1 and 4 are correct.

Ques. The amnion of mammalian embryo is derived from
1) Ectoderm and mesoderm
2) Endoderm and mesoderm
3) Mesoderm and trophoblast
4) Ectoderm and endoderm
The amnion is derived from the trophoblast. So, none of the given options is fully correct.
Action Taken:
Experts training NEET students for more than a decade, have written a clarification note to CBSE.