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Why Digital Education ?

Why Digital Education has become mandatory for students ?

  • The conventional ways of instruction have always left a huge gap in teaching.
  • A typical student may not properly comprehend and visualize what the teacher delivers in the classroom.
  • In this scenario, a weak student is left behind and feels neglected. wheras a curious student feels that classes are going slow and teaching pace does not meets with the pace of student learning.

  • Our PENDRIVE TUTOR supports self-learning, self-paced learning and increases the interest levels and the retention power of the students.
  • OUR AIM:

  • Our aim is to make the teaching and learning process simple and joyful.
  • We believe that teaching should make a student curious about the subject.
  • PENDRIVE TUTOR aids will be very much useful in achieving the objectives of education in terms of providing knowledge, developing skills.

  • About PENDRIVE TUTOR Smart Classroom Solution :

  • PENDRIVE TUTOR software (CBSE for Class I to Class XII ) is an effective digital class room solution developed as per the CBSE syllabus.
  • Currently, this software is being used successfully by 60000+ school students across the Country. Many renowned educators have appreciated the product. PENDRIVE TUTOR is an outcome of technology, experience and knowledge.
  • Proficient 100 + Subject Matter Experts were also involved in the development of the product. The product has been reviewed and vetted by the experts in the field.
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